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Sexual Assault Information


What is Rape?

The Law:

The Texas Penal Code says a person commits sexual assault "if that person causes the penetration of the anus, vagina, or mouth of another person with a sexual organ or object, without that person's consent OR causes another person to contact or penetrate the mouth, anus or sexual organ of another person without their consent."


Our Culture is Permissive of Sexual Assault

*97.6% of women reported they had experienced some form of sexual violation, including sexual harassment. (Women's Safety Project 1995)

*39% of young women report being sexually harassed at school on a daily basis (Wellesley Cllege Center for Research on Women, 1993)

*One of every five college women reported being forced to have sexual intercourse (Health Psychology, 1994)

*In a survey of college men, 35% anonymously admitted they would commit rape if they knew they could get away with it. (Journal of Social Issues, 1981)

*27% of 8th and 9th graders agreed that a woman who is drunk at a party deserved it if she is raped. 20% agree that women who wear sexy clothes want to have sex. (American Medical Association, 1997)

*The US has the highest rape rate of countries that publish such information. (Kilpatrick, 1992)


*77% of rape victims knew their attacker.
28% are raped by intimate partners
35% are raped by acquaintances
5% are raped by other relavtives.
(Bureau of Justice Statistic, 1994, 1997)

*Despite myths that women go out and dress for it, almost 60% of rape victims report that the rape took place in a home (their own, a neighbors, etc.) (US Department of Justice, 1997)



*Approximately 92,700 males are forcibly raped each year. (Tjaden and Thoennes, 1998)

*1 in 6 boys will be sexually assault by the age of 18. (Diana Russell, 1988)



*In response to an open-ended question placed to women, "What do you fear most?" 82% of all women surveyed answered that they feared being raped and/or murdered the most. (Randall and Haskell, 1995)

*49% of rape victims fear serious injury or death during rape. (National Victm Center, 1992)

*Approximately 95% of female rape victims will suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Rape also causes depression and anxiety disorders. (Population Information Program, 1992)

*82% of rape victims reported that the rape had permanently changed their lives (Warshaw, 1994)

*30% of female rape victims contemplate suicide. 13% of all rape victims actually attempt suicide, which is 13 times more likely than non-victims. (National Victim Center, 1992)

*The cost of sexual assault to Americans is an estimated $127 billion per year, the highest cost of all crimes. (US Department of Justice, 1996)

Children and Women are the Likeliest Victims

*The most common victims of rape are females under 18 years of age. (Population Reports, 2000)

*The typical child sex offender molests an average of 117 children. (National Inst. of Mental Health, 1998)

*In the US today, 1.8 million teens have already been the victims of serious sexual assault. (US Department of Justice, 1997)

*Two-thirds of all prisoners convicted of rape were convicted for sexual assault against a child. One-third had committed a crime against his or her own child. (US Department of Justice, 1996)


*Only 2 % of rapists are convicted and imprisoned. (Senate Judiciary Committee, 1993)

*In a survey, 42% of rape victims said that they had told no one about the assault. Only 5% reported to the police. (Robin Warshaw, 1999

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