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*January:  Stalking Awareness Month  Proclamation

April: Crime Victim Rights Week

*April: Child Abuse Awareness Month

*April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

*April: Volunteer Appreciation Week

*May: National Police Week

*September: "Watch Your Drink" campaign

*October: Crime Prevention Week

*October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

*October: National Red Ribbon Campaign, Red Ribbon Week

*December: National Drunk Driving Awareness Month


Family Violence Related Homicides
Investigated by the San Angelo
Police Department (1986-2001)

 *committed suicide after killing or threatening  to kill family member

Mrs. Jackson died April 2, 1987
*Roy Jackson died April 2, 1987

Joe Angel Chavez died May 10, 1987

*Joe Leandro Zapata died June 18, 1987

Billy Jack Lee died November 19, 1987

Martin P. Lara died November 20, 1989

Lance Blankenship died April 14, 1990

Julia Garcia died October 11, 1990
*Rufino Garcia died October 11, 1990

Patsy June Blum died April 27, 1991

Peggy Jones died January 18, 1992

Lupita Suarez died October 9, 1992

Robert Spencer died April 4, 1993
Phyllis Spencer died April 4, 1993
*Francis M. Spencer died April 4, 1993

Shevetra Renee Daniels died September 9, 1993

Roy Lopez died December 14, 1993

Lea Ellen Martinez died February 14, 1994

*Stephen Ross Bitner died February 14, 1994

Georgeanne Evans died December 17, 1995
*Darrell Wayne Evans died December 17, 1995

Steve Bastardo died May 6, 1996

Angie Lane died March 6, 1998
*Paul Lane died March 6, 1998

Adrian Lopez died November 1, 1998

Armando Mundy Segura died January 11, 1999

Robert Flores died April 8, 1999
Mary Louise Gasca died April 8, 1999
(double homicide)

Elmer Robinett died June 10, 2000

Billie Joe Garanesy died December 8, 2000

Larry Dean Griffin died August 22, 2001

Melody Gonzales, child, died September 4, 2001

Irenio Elmer Fritze, child, died September 26, 2001

Three children of Elizabeth Gober (Smallwood), February 2002

 Corie, 10      Casey, 4      Chase, 3


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